Aleksey Volkov

As owner and CEO of Volk Therapeutic Massage, Aleksey’s goal is to provide you with an experience you will not forget as well as to uphold a level of excellence in therapeutic massage services.  Aleksey's approach to his clients is with utmost professionalism and respect.  But being a massage therapist is more than just a profession for Aleksey.  It is a passion that he strives to perfect and one that he loves to share. With a comforting, engaged and intuitive touch, Aleksey takes pride in helping your body perform at its best.  His joy is to see the peaceful smiles at the end of each session.

Aleksey is a licensed massage therapist in New York and nationwide.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from Binghamton University and a License in Massage Therapy from The Finger Lakes School of Massage.  His multidisciplinary background not only affords him a deep understanding of the human anatomy, but also the understanding that pain and discomfort arise from a multitude of factors, not just muscle problems. Massage therapy allows him to address many of these factors at once, which is one the reasons for choosing this profession. 

Whether your goal is to reduce muscle pain or spasms, improve or regain your range of motion, prepare or recover from a sports event, or simply just to relax from stress, Aleksey will tailor the massage session to meet your specific needs. No two massages are the same.

In his time off, Aleksey enjoys listening to music and reading fantasy/science fiction, playing badminton or pursuing the art of fencing and archery.